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Description of activities
Hrvatske vode conducts integrated management of Croatian water resources on four river basin districts comprising one or more river basins of the major watercourses or parts thereof, which constitute a natural hydrographic unit, as follows:

The main activities of Hrvatske vode, based on the principle of sustainable development and conducted with the purpose of achieving integrated water management, are the following:

Water management activities:
- research of water resources for the purpose of rational water management,
- monitoring the quantities and levels of surface water, groundwater, and sediment,
- monitoring the quality of surface water and sediment, groundwater and the coastal sea,
- monitoring urban and industrial wastewater,
- regulation of watercourses, construction of water regulation and water protection structures, as well as of water structures for amelioration drainage,
- technical and economic maintenance of watercourses, water estate, water regulation and water protection structures, including maintenance of navigable waterways and structures for the protection against erosion and torrents, as well as of water structures for amelioration drainage,
- protection from floods and ice on state waters in accordance with the National Flood Protection Plan,
- protection from floods on local waters, protection from erosion and torrents, and amelioration drainage in accordance with flood protection plans for catchment areas enacted by county assemblies,
- abstraction, pumping, and use of surface water and groundwater for water supply and irrigation,
- abstraction and use of water for fish-farming,
- participation in the planning, preparation, and construction of complex, particularly multi-purpose hydropower systems,
- coordinating implementation of the National Water Protection Plan,
- coordinating water protection planning of regional and local communities,
- preventing accidental pollution; necessary repair,
- participation in the planning, preparation, and construction of sewerage and wastewater treatment projects.

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