Hrvatske vode


Hrvatske vode is a company organized based on the territorial and functional principles. 

Hrvatske vode is a legal entity for water management established by the Water Act. Its legal status is: a sui generis legal entity subject to regulations that apply to institutions. The governing body is the Management Board. The General Manager is in charge of managing operations. 

Hrvatske vode is divided in two basic organizational units: the Head Office and water management departments (WMDs). The Head Office is divided into departments, services and the Water Management Institute, as well as units and the Central Water Management Laboratory, and the central Flood Defence Centre. They are managed by two Deputy General Managers. There are the following departments: Department of Development, Department for Protection from Adverse Effects of Water, Water Use Department, Water Protection Department, Department for Planning and Technical Control, Financial Department, Legal and Personnel Department, Department for Information and Communications Technology, Department for EU Co-financed Projects, Department Supporting the Preparation and Implementation of EU Projects. The services within the Head Office are: Independent Service for Internal Audit, Central Service for Public Procurement, Central Service for Water Fees, Central Service for Public Water Estate and Logistics Service. The following units are also a part of the Head Office: Unit for Implementation of the National Program for Irrigation and Management of Agricultural Land and Water Resources, Unit for Implementation of National Water Management Projects, Unit for Implementation of the Coastal Cities Pollution Control Project and Unit for Implementation of Projects for Protection from Adverse Effects of Water financed by CEB Loans and EU.

Territorial units for water management are six water management departments (WMDs) and water management branch offices (WMBOs). The water management branch offices are a part of water management departments. WMDs on the territory of the Republic of Croatia are: WMD for the Middle and Lower Sava River, WMD for the Upper Sava River, WMD for the Mura and Upper Drava Rivers, WMD for the Danube and Lower Drava Rivers, WMD for the Northern Adriatic Basins and WMD for the Southern Adriatic Basins.